Melilea Qinergy Figure Transfomer

Qinergy Figure Transfomer

 Melilea Qinergy Functional Figure Beauty Transfomer

Product Benefits:
  • Provides instant tummy and back support.
  • Lifts and shapes the buttocks.
  • Has a seamless design so it will not show through clothing.
  • Comes with a fitting yet soft waistband that won’t pinch the skin or create unsightly bulges.


Qinergy Figure Transfomer

Product Features:
  1. Underwent anti-bacteria process and it is proven to be anti-bacterial by the test.
  2. Made from ultra fine fiber, soft and comfortable, fit to body and feel fresh (good vitalization) when worn.
  3. It is designed based on human body esthetics, 100% full elasticity and comfortable to be worn every day.

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